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visualizaciones de letras 16

Deception Made Simple

Treble Charger

Thought I'd made you cry
Thought the things you'd never try were gone
It's quite a show you've made
Should never have stayed so long
If you can't help me now
I'm reassured but that's not how it's done
Try again in a while
I know that I'll be the one

Let me take your hand
And try to let me understand
Things I never saw before
Were yours alot longer time ago
And if there's one thing
I'd like to know, be sure to bring
The thoughts I've left alone with you
Have all gone off with nothing to do

If you asked before
I probably told you something more the same
It's not to be believed
I treat it all like a game
If I had half the time
For twice the man, the speed, I'll find a way
To stay awake 'til dawn
And later on in the day

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