Paint your name in purple

Trent Summar

Since I was nine, I spent my time
Outback in daddy's garage
Checkin' points and plugs, tires and lugs
Or learnin' 'bout a big block Dodge
Get her all tuned up for Saturday night
A coat of candy apple red
Lord, it's gonna be tough, it's gonna be tight
That's what my daddy said

Drive fast, turn left, head for home
I'll tell what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna paint your name in purple
On the side of the door
And drive around and 'round for you

You're a race track queen, mean machine
Green light ready to go
And you're the prettiest thing I've ever seen
Blue ribbon, best of show
I wanna ride around with ya for the rest of my life
Honey, don't you be no drag
One of these days I wanna make you my wife
Givin' you the checkered flag

Drive around and around and around and around
And around and around for you

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