Here's a story about an underdog
One dollar, five digits, and a powerball
One hundred million dollars ridin' on that ticket
And this is what happens when a redneck gets it
Kick it

He jumped and he tore off his texaco shirt
Didn't give a notice, just walked off work
Straight to the bank to collect his money
I'll take it in cash, nothin' bigger than a twenty

Now the kin folks say man it don't make sense
Still livin' with his mama but he won't pay rent
He got a high definition television in his trailor
He's richer than trump, but stealin' cable from his neighbor

Hillbilly rich, hillbilly rich
Just a poor boy livin' out in the sticks
Look at him now, he's hillbilly rich

Now the farmers scratch their heads
And said you must be kiddin'
His tractor stands still, but the rims keep spinnin'
He got the front end bouncin' from the air suspension
T.v.'s in the dash in case he wants to watch fishin'

(repeat chorus)

(repeat chorus)

Hillbilly rich, hillbilly rich
Hillbilly rich, hillbilly
Swimming pools, movie stars
Did i mention coon dogs
Shotguns, tree stands

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