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The Song Remembers When

Trisha Yearwood

I was standing at the counter,
I was waiting for the change,
when I heard that old familiar music start.
It was like a lighted match
had been tossed into my soul -
it was like a dam had borken in my heart.

After taking every detour,
gettin' lost and losing track,
so that even if I wanted I could not find my way back.
After driving out the memory of the way things might havebeen...
After I'd forgotten all about us,
the song remembers when.

We were rolling through the Rockies,
we were up above the clouds,
when a station out of Jackson played that song.
And it seemed to fit the moment,
and the moment seemed to freeze,
when we turned the music up and sang along.

And there was a God in Heaven,
and the world made perfect sense.
We were young and were in love and we were easy to convince.
We were headed straight for Eden,
it was just around the bend,
and though I had forgotten all about it,
the song remembered when.

I guess something must've happened
and we must've said goodbye.
And my heart hmust have been broken,
though I can't recall just why...
The song remembers when.

Well for all the miles between us,
and for all the time that's passed,
you would think I haven't gotten very far.
And I hope my hasty heart
will forgive me just this once
if I stop to wonder how on earth you are.
But that's just a lot of water
underneath a bridge I've burned,
and there's no use in back tracking around corners I haveturned.
Still I guess some things we bury
are just bound to rise again,
for even if the world had forgotten
the song remembers when.

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