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The Woman Before Me

Trisha Yearwood

I can see you turn away
When I ask what for
You say it isn't anything
But I'm not sure
Something underneath the skin
Won't let you be
And you try to keep it in
But I can see

The woman before me
Must have been hard on you
'Cause that hurt in your eyes
I never put you through
Sometimes I think you must be talkin' to
The woman before me and you

Sometimes in an argument
It will show
When you go a little farther than
You meant to go
I know you don't mean the things
That you say
I just wanna ease the pain
That's in your way


If there are sorrows that bring back a tear
Don't let them keep us apart
You ought to know you've got nothing to fear
Here in my heart
'Cause you and I will never be
Like the past
Whatever kind of memories
That you have
Nothin's gonna hurt you now
Can't you see I already made a vow
That I can keep


Lyrics by Jude Johnstone

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