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Nature's Failure

Trouble Minded

When you were born all eyes were focused on you
You were a new born star You were curious and had alwayssomething to do
But now the time has come
You're slowly fading away
And there's no one there to courage you
to live another day

You're sittin on the roof again
Desperately wondering 'bout what to do
Just staring at the stars of mr big blue sky
Oh, I wonder why
You failed,
you've become mother nature's biggest mistake

you've missed a chance
Don't you see?
You could have been loved
loved and keen
You've neglected your personality
Why don't you listen to yourself
Is it really so hard to be
Cause now you're just a nothing
Just a drag on everyone and everything

Why are you always hiding behind your long ugly hair
Have you actually tried to figure out
what the world really looks like
Why are you such a pessimistical hypochondrical big yellowteethed girl
Cause that's what you are
You're a pessimistical hypochondrial big yellow teethed girl

You're mother nature's biggest mistake

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