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Broken Wingz


To all the angels of broken wings
Fly again and fly again and fly away
Would you fly with me?
Would you die with me?
Come and fly with me
Come and die with me
When the times get hard again
You hide away and pray
For better days better days
Would you fly with me?
Would you die with me?
Come and fly with me
Come and die with me

I'm tryin' to deal with it
Bein' different and all that
Invincible broken wings afixed on my back
Pitch black ya' outta site ya' outta mind
Who you don't see now
You gonna forget over time
Lets rewind on how your wings got broke
Maybe because you took life for a god damn joke
We the freak show circus
Underated all-purpose and can't a motha fucka hurt us
I'm clique heat causin' panic in the streets
Everybody runnin' you can see the axe comin'
Call us - outcast
We the strange on display
But little do they know
I give a fuck what they say
I represent all the killas
And people who lost faith
Heaven's a journey but Hell's just around the way

Where's that?

Just around the way

What what!?

Heaven's a journey but Hell's
Just around the motha fuckin' way


I battle with anxiety
Cursed as a child
Circulated in society
Raised in the image of man
Don't understand
The humility (???) that contracts like rubber bands
On the sidelines where I sit
To spectate, on the (???) survive and circulate
Through the veins of the universe and cosmos
The only way out is through death or overdose
If you make it you can brag or boast
You beat the game but the life you know
Will never ever be the same
Transformed in a flash of light
Into a ghost
Lost and surrouned by the second hand smoke
Wings broke so you can't fly to Heaven today
But Hell's only right around the way
Right around the way


I had to end it all
Life was a drag
Roamin' the earth with
The rest of the body bags
I love the fact that I'm dead
But not ejected
Cuz any time Twiztid's on
I'm resurrected
I can't fly
My wings don't work
So I - get high so my feelings ain't hurt
Fuck the world don't ask me for shit
Dead and gone but it still don't quit

Children of the night never feel the sun
They never walk in the path of the chosen one
They got broken wings that are incapable to fly
Hair like spider legs and milk-white eyes

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