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If You Want to Party


Hey Whatsup!
Gather Round
Everybody Get Down
It's Time For the Best Party Track in Town
Kickin It Live, Keeping It Real
Vibin On Timey Yeah You Know How We Feel
Ya Gotta Get Up and Move Side to Side
Ya Gotta Release and Do It Right
Still a Funkadelic Beat, to a Funkadelic Song
Still Kickin It Live With the Main Man Jon
Saint's in the House and We're Doin It Right
Cold Rock a Jam and Party All Night
So Let's Get Started Baby You and I
Go On With Ya Bad Self Dance All Night
So Can You Feel It, I Can Feel It, Hey
Can You Feel the Beat
Feel the Bass Drum Boomin in Your Feet
Hear the Sneardrum, Tappin in Ya Ear
Yet Ya Gotta Get Up, Gotta Move Your Rear

That's the Way This Heart Is a Feelin For You
Cos no One Does It Better
Boy There Ain't no Doubt Just What I Wanna Do
So Won't You Let Me Sweat Ya

Let's Get Started
If You Wanna Party
Baby It's Just You and Me
I've Got What Ya Need
Don't Conceal It
Tell Me a You Feel It
Won't You Let Me Lead the Way
Cost I Wanna Be Your Baby For Life!

Ooh Ooh
Come On Everybody
If Your Here to Party
Get Down, Get Down,
Ooh, Ooh
If It's Gonna Take All Night
Mister Dj Save My Life
Come On and Get Down

So On and On and On
On and On and On
Check a Check a Check It Out
Till the Break a Break a Down
As the Bass Drum, Stick It to Your Ear
Can You Hear Move Your Rear
Whine You Body to the Beautiful Snear
Guys Grab a Girl, and Take Her From the Back
Give It Up, Give It Up

Cos We Like It Like That
Or Girls Grab a Guy, Showing That You Ain't Feelin Shy
Keep It Goin As the Bridge Comes Back in Time

It Feels Right
We Could Be
Start It Off, You and Me
Get It On, What I Need
Dj Play That Song For Me
Time Is Right, in the Mood
Steppin With the Old School
Let's Get, Let's Get
Hey Hey
Oh Yeahou
Let's Get Started
I Said, Baby
Ooh O
Somebody Gotta Treat Me Right

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