Puppets of Sorrow


When evil takes weak souls
Will hurt you with anger
The end of your days is near
A lot of fears
Evil's desire!

Now you're crying out
Hot tears shining in your eyes
Evil is laughing of you
Tricking with you
He is a liar!

Are you trying to keep your soul?
Do you follow the rules of the Lord?
Are you ready to fight in every night?
Repent time is short, hurry up!

He knows everything
He'll try to find
He'll make accuses
Cause he knows all of your faults

Puppets of Sorrow
You'll always be falling down
Puppets of Sorrow
You'll always be falling down

Say not for today
Being pure and tread on satan
He can't make you a toy
Celebrate and joy
Holy desire!

Now you are back to life
The angels are coming from higher
The angels are guarding you
Rescuing you
Souls of fire!

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