The rain begins
And yet the sky is clear
My eyes are shut tight
No one gets in here
My mind's in a room
With no windows or doors
Away from the hands
That wrap tight around my neck

My neck, my neck, my neck around my neck
These hands that wrap tight around my neck

Where is the sun
I've heard so much about
Whose glance is all warming
Erasing doubt
I feel a chill
Run down my spine
So many contradictions
Which road leads home

Once I cry
The rain begins
Once my heart hurts
No one gets in

The sweat pours down
And it stings my eyes
Just as your promises
Turned into lies
I trusted you
What a fool was i
Now I just sit in a room
With no view

No view, no view, no view
With my eyes shut tight I've got no view

I heard a sound
Now I'm all alone
A heart beat pounding
It's my own
Seeking an answer
Question unknown
I'm slowly drowning
I'm my sea of remorse

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