Ive been to hell and back again, waging wars with all who step before my eyes

Redemption is the sweetest taste that I have come to know in natures wrath

I will be there for the christening, and to satisfy your hunger for the reckoning

Youll acknowlegde all my power, reaping all your dealing while breaking every feeling

You must abandon everything, go

While revealing all your secrets to me

A righteous man before me stands a hero in these filthy lands

Start devouring, savages youre invited

No more can they be guarded

Through the fire, this is suffering in its entirety

Open up and wage the suffering

Turning rotting flesh to walls

You must block the sun from the chosen one

Kneel before your bastard son

I am the chosen one, to hell and back again

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Written by: Danny Leal / Ruben Alvarez / Upon a Burning Body · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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