Face me and tell me that this was all for nothing
You took the one thing that i had in this world
It brings me to fall to my knees
I pray to you dear god
Tell everyone while im gone
When i return the only ones who will die will be all
You all turned away
What you have done will be done on to you
In a moment you'll all be dead
My only wish was to say goodbye
These thoughts take over my mind
Love was taken straight from my arms
Acknowlegments been denied
Recorded but not shown
Life wont let me
Say goodbye
If you could only feel
The pain given to me from you
I cant, i cant understand why blood is on my hands
The thought of sin reminds me
The finger prints match up to mine
I pray to you dear god take back all that i have seen
Rip out the evil in me
The fingerprints match up to mine...
Watch me tear away the flesh from my bones
So we will meet once again
Heres my goodbye

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