I promise you from this moment on I will strive to be the one thing you hate but will love unconditionally
I wish you happiness in hell
This songs for you
All of you who said theyll fade out then you turn around and say that youre proud
Run home and tell everyone you know we know youre fake
There are no turning back the hands, your words have been heard by all
You said all you had to say so with that said pick it up, go
You have to run faster than that cause its kill or be killed and youre all out of gas
Ive said this once and I'll say it again
You go in alive, you come out dead and its your best friend that does it
Respect is everything if youre willing to lose your life for it
You only get one chance to be someone, with all that I have Ill scream so that you may hear and wake trembling and you wont know if you are alive but you will wish youre dead
Sacrifice yourself, condemned to waking on a bed of blades
With every drop of blood that falls from youll cry
Condemned to waiting for a better day where every road you take leads you further from the sky
Respect is everything
Are you willing to die to get the chance to become the one thing that everyone wants to be but very few will get to see
And when its all said and done and everyone is gone, youll be left with a life thats worthless
This isnt over yet
Its just beginning

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Written by: Danny Leal / Ruben Alvarez / Upon a Burning Body. Isn't this right? Let us know.