Hundreds of eyes in the room but yours found mine
I asked you to dance and by chance our hands intertwined
What lasted for minutes seemed like eternity
I had no clue this one dance would lead you to me

Hundreds of friends in the room and you're dressed in white
You walk down the aisle and I smile to know that you're mine
We cheers our champagne and wait for our song to begin
The band starts to play and you ask me to dance once again

Fifty-nine years have gone by since you said yes
Even now in your hospital bed you still look your best
We might be old but there's still one thing we can do
Put on a song, let's pretend to dance round the room

Thirty-five hours have gone by since your last breath
Memories of dancing with you are all I have left
Just a few seconds before it's my time to go
Hello my god and my love at last I am home

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Written by: Carissa Alvorado / Michael Alvorado. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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