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Thats The Way Of The Wor

Gary Valenciano

Everyday is the same
Same sorrow and pain
We laugh and we cry
We are low and then we get high
And then we look, and we search
And we seek to put the pieces
Of the puzzle together
Doing our best to keep it all together
Going 'bout our business
Seldom thinking of one another
Hey that's not the only way
That's the way of the world

(That's the way of the Word)
(That's the way of the Word)

Has there ever been a time
When in your mind
You just felt like giving up
Wanting to surrender
You've been tryin' to find your way
Hopin' that tomorrow would be better
Much better than today

You will find peace of mind
If you look in the right place
You will find your way back home
If you look in the right place
You won't be lost out in the storm
There is a way, the only way
It will see you through today and tomorrow
Just believe it in your heart

(That's the way of the Word)
Haven't you heard about it
(That's the way of the Word)
Haven't you heard
(That's the way of the Word
If you believe
And see with your heart
And then you will know


It's the way of the Word
You better believe it son
They say it's the year 2000
Judgment day will come
The grand finale, comin' to take you over
It's the King Almighty, please...
Forgive us of our sins

Bless us with all your heart
And give me wisdom so I can preach
All your words to every man, woman
And child walkin' on the streets
I ain't got no beef with all ya wanna be-acap

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Written by: Charles Stephney / Maurice White / Verdine White. Isn't this right? Let us know.