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Evil Evil


I moved in in '89
Disturbances upstairs and downstairs
Evil was hovering over the house

Footsteps on the attic, moving tables, the walls where giggling

One stormy night,
In the light of lightning
I saw a silhouette standing at my bed-side

It was like The Entity,
Though this ghost was human

There's a large tomb at the cemetery-park
It would pull me away from he lights and drag me to the graveyard
I would find myself in the centre of the sealed cemetery
With open graves all around me
And I'd fall into the one with the grinning head of the corpse

I had to walk across over the black coffins,
But I would never look inside of them
And there where corpses in the river, outside of my house
And I had to swim into the black water

But I always would find myself waking up in bed
With the nightmare slowly fading away
And I had to drift back into my state of slumber,
Listening to the sounds of the house
Until I would realise that something in the room must have woken me up

-This ghost was human-

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