Last Night Of The Kings

Van Canto

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The castle is lit with candles and torches
The carriages of the nobles arrive in front
The smell of splendour and decadence
And nobody can foresee

The masters and the mistresses are walking through hall
They are smiling, laughing and showing that they're tall
They don't recognize that we're waiting there
And just nobody can foresee
This is the last night of the kings

We are the folk
And we have the right
To stand up and to fight for an independent life
We are the force
We are the might
And we will stand up for an independent life

The ball has begun and we're closing our trap
Inwardly we're gathering ourselves
While the dance comes to higher pace
Still nobody can foresee

Joining the circle in black robes unknown
Unsheathing our swords and get ready to dance
Our hearts are filled with the will to survive
In the last night of their lives
It's a murderous, murderous ball night


We are heroes
Heroes of the night
We are ready to live forevermore
Our gods lead us through this fight
On and on
We are one and on our way


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Composition: Dennis P. Sly Schunke / Sebastian Schmidt / Van Canto · Is this not the composer? Let us know.
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