Verse 1:
I´m falling back in love
With you my darling
I promised more than i gave and swore
That i´d never fall in love with
Someone like you that´s
Kind of like me
So i´d like to stay far away for now
And see how things go and find out it
Someone like you could ever need me

Oooh, i think i´m back in love again but
I can never stay, cause we
Drive each other away and i
Think i´m back in love again but
We said our goodbyes
And it´s time for us to try to walk alone

Verse 2:
I´m falling back in love with you my darling
I´m sorry for all the things i said
All the pain i caused,
With the things i did to
Someone like you,
Thats kind of like me

Repeat chorus (x2)

Alone on a filed with no one there to guide
If this is love, i´m sure you´ll find
The answer to your questions
Who knows what it will be
A day at a time to walk and to see

Repeat chorus (x3)

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