Here I am at your door
golden northern wind drops trickling down my face
it's late of night but you're far from sleep
I'll kiss your fears, always

Let me stay until the dawn
there's so many things you need to cry out
it ain't not hard at all
when you're not alone
so let me in to you

Ooh baby don't cry then
ooh smile
ooh I'll wipe these tears away
let me heal your pain

I feel your wounds, a suffer too
don't you know your pain is my despair
let me hold you now
I'll fold you in my arms
won't let you be so blue


I want to be the one you need
when you need someone to help you see it through
when you're all alone, can't help to cry
just say the word I'll come
just say the word

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Written by: Anita Lipnicka / Robert Amirian. Isn't this right? Let us know.