The century's falling
Times fall from the grace
The decadent whispers
Get louder again

The end on horizon
We lose or we win
Who cares who's the winner
We're just soldiers of team

We're spoiling our talents
Sing songs without you
Still growing red roses
Into the speed tune

I don't want to follow
This old bitten track
I'm taking my wing now
To never get back

Give me the power
And wings that don't melt
I'll sorrow the mountains
And skim trough the clouds

I don't want to lose it
I've got warm light for all
So don't stop me leaving
My blue vale of tears

I don't want to waste it
I've got warm light for it all
So let me go up there
My blue vale of tears

We're roving emotions
As they fade day by day
Suppressed wild desires
We gambol away

Between good and evil
And the deepest blue of sea
Unless we get winged
We'll never be free

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Written by: Anita Lipnicka / Robert Amirian. Isn't this right? Let us know.