I should have known, Southwestern's overblown
I thought it looked casual, it really felt like home
Well I...feel so stupid now, I wanna hide
I live in Santa Fe - unless I go outside
You can imagine, exactly what I've done
Kind of like Aztec, all faded by the sun
I've made some bad decisions recently
The theme is way played out, stylishly
Everyone knows...the pastel desert blows... rocks and sand, it's more than I can stand!...
Would you like to buy some furniture from me
You can pretend you are an Apache
Well I mean no ill offense, it's all because...
Those pastel colors - kill my buzz.
Must I be the prisoner of my scene... I could be happy with almost anything... I don't care, take everything in here... pay you cash to make it dissappear
It's my fate I must redecorate

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