In Out of the will we looked at the mercifulness of God
And here we have the second half, for those who repent not
In Nahum, after Jonah had long since then come and gone
Assyria, had turned it's back on our Almighty God
When God speaks, He does not lie, and this is what He's said
If you heed not His warning, here's what you will get instead
Furious in Vengeance, in the whirlwind and the storm
He will pour His wrath out, and you'll wish you'd not been born

Countless Corpses

Woe unto the city of blood - full of lies and robbery
The multitude of Godlessness, the mistress of sorceries
Behold Jah is against you, and you will not see escape
Corpses 'll be piled high, and resurrected to the lake

As for the message of the band, I've stated, time and again
The warning is so that you will turn, join us and yes, repent
Give allegiance to the storm Lord now, who still waters with a word
He is the Christ, messiah, Jesus of Nazareth of whom you've heard

There'll be countless corpses

The purpose of the message is that you might realize
There's two side to the coin when it comes to Justice in God's eyes
The saints of God are His, because this is what repentance brings
Now you call the 800 line and ask just what that means

Nahum pronunced judgement, and though we're in the age of grace
This age will not go on forever, you therefore should make haste
To call us and find out just what the correlation is
Between The Book of Nahum and Revelation, mind blowing as it is

They'll be corpses, countless corpses

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