I see your anger
I see your fear
Time will slowly fade away the youth you hold so dear

You're six feet under
And still you breathe
Lines that crawl across your face will ruin your faith in what you need

I am the lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt
Out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me

Holy Father, eye to eye, teach me wisdom, how to fly
Holy Father, mend my wing, a touch of heaven, you will bring

May be so, it's clear, the way to heaven, or is it fear
Say the name, there is no pain, just say the name

Time stands still... awaiting
One breath controls the ocean
Time stands still... in silence
Lord of all

Cash is growing
In paradise
Hold your breath and place your bet then just roll the dice

No more excuses
No empty lies
For the one who fooled the world death is singing lullabies

I trade my soul for what you sell
I fill my heart right from your well

You say you're wiser
Stories you tell
Focused on the credit cards not on heaven and hell

Your wish is fortune
Your wish is fame
Worshipping hearts, in search for the meaning
False prophets knows the ways of stealing
Treasure hunt in the maze of life
Sliced by the edge of the knife

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