I’m alive and not in
My heart is just beating
Or my lungs are just breathing
I mean I know where I stand
And I know that I’m lucky
I’m so fucking happy to be
To be found

So I’m racing this sun back home
There something in the air, let me know
That I’m close
And I won’t stop until I’ll feel
Your breath on my skin
Then I’ll know, I’ll know
I’m alive

I can’t drown, on how it could be
I can’t wander the world
Chasing mad ghost around
There’s no time, no sense on wasting
Not one single night, not one single night

So let’s go, there’s whole world out there
I wanna see every one
Breathe in every closer
Let’s go every meter we cover
A new life discovered
A new song, a new chance to be
To be found

So we follow the times around
Will land the new horizon
When we run out the map
And we fall out the face of the earth
We can brace the ether that whisper
We were alive, we were alive

So let’s drink, let’s live, let’s live
Let’s love
Let’s drink, sing, love, love
Come drink with me, sing with me
Live with me, love with me
Drink with me, sing with me

And I sing from the
Let my heroes dead
When our bodies get older
We used restore
We won’t need up tattoos and scars to say
We were alive

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