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visualizaciones de letras 41

Distant (Rubicon Ii)

Vnv Nation

The paths that I once tread have all but gone. Only embers now
Smoulder where bridges once burned. I feel alive and yet fearwhat may
Happen now. A know I can't return. and I hear me say again oh letme
Not return. Damn the illusion of redemption and the hopes thatheld me
Here. W will oppose all that would befall me. with all the rageinside of me I
Will defy what I would become. The solitude and anger that dobattle
Within me will always guide me to the answers that I know I maynot see. They
Are the bonds that hold me tighter. They are the chains thatweigh on me.
One day I know they will be gone. Can I start again and erasethis pain
By casting doubts into the waters. Asking judgement of the sea.though
Fortune may guide to the fools I have no wish to be free until Iam gone.

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