Everything Under The Sun

The Walker Brothers

If there's any more living to live
The life that's left in me I'm ready to give
If there's anything more I can do
Then tell me now, my love, I'll do it for you

*'Cause you're my everything,everything under the sun
You're my everything, heaven and earth rolled in one
After you I want nothing, nothing at all, oh yeah
I really do believe, everything
Even the air I breathe
Everything under the sun

Now I see the world that I hunger for
I see it through your eyes, no, not like before
Everywhere I go, all that I see
*Did not exist until you showed it to me

*Repeat (slightly different)

I need you baby
I need and love you baby
I need and love you and I want you
I need and love you and I want you baby,

*Repeat several times-fade out

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