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The Comfort Of Strangers

Walters Jamie

You took the path of least resistance and I've gone from bad toworse.
They say that one man's blessing is another one's curse.

The sun shines softly on the ruins as I try to find my way.
You knew exactly what you were doin', but left me shatteredanyway.

It just kills me to see you runnin' to the comfort ofstrangers.
Everyone saw it comin'. Everyone but me.
Funny how time keeps on runnin' like a river of changes
and it's left me with nothin', but the comfort of strangers.

I remember when I was helpless and I needed you the most.
You left me so defenseless and vanished like a ghost.

We live without answers forever and it's really not enough.
There's all the reasons we're not together, but what does thatsay about us?
And like the child inside I can't help but cry and
I won't let you deny me now.


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