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On A Night That Felt Outdated


Well, this night just feels outdated
It's a tired reminder of the bad
whe you held on to what you hated
and you hated what you had
And your mind was out on the corner
sellin' herself as something cheap
Your pride he says he owns her
and she's dumb, she follows like a sheep
She don't know what he does to a lover
He'll whisper lies in a restless ear
He tells a wife she don't deserve to hover
over a man who doesn't seem to hear

Some things are easy to forget, even if they're bigger than thenow
And she has tried to remember them but she can't remember how
So she lies on her bed staring up at the cracks in the ceiling
She's even pinched herself to wake up, but her body's got nofeeling

Well he calls her out on the driveway
He's pullin' her by her hips
He says you ought to come by my way
and he kisses her on the lips
His mouth feels cold to her heart
unlike her man who's still asleep in their bed
But she numbs herself to that part
And she leans to what she calls her head
And though her face had turned away for a moment
and her eyes had flashed a bit with doubt
She felt the tug of a brilliant showman
And she was on her way out

It wasn't long before she was out sellin' on the corner likesomething cheap
on a night that could feel like hell in the reminders that itmade you keep
Like the one where you were standin' on the driveway
there was a cold feeling on your lips
Some woman's saying to ya come my way
and she's pullin' you by your hips
But the prodigal did not stay way
There was a destiny he had to keep
And I may give my mind a dirty day
But tonight I got floors to sweep

Some things are easy to forget, even if they're bigger than thenow
And you have tried to remember them but you can't remember how
So you lie on your bed staring at the cracks in the ceiling
You've even pinched yourself to wake up, but your body's got nofeel

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