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Walls And Tall Shadows


Carrie was stretching out on the harbor
She was just trying to let it all go
Down came the rain and waves and thoughts of her father
down came the old black hole

Carrie, don't go down there
We all know it's not fair
even parents can lie
Carrie, don't close your eyes
and give way to the lies
that tell you you're all alone

Ruby came home from the store with a bottle
all of her dreams had been locked up inside
since she was fourteen, she'd let out the throttle
and choked out her life

Ruby, don't look that way
you could start again today
you know your real Daddy smiles and smiles
Ruby, you know it's great-
Who you are- it's not too late
YouÕre a child of the King

Kelly's been living under walls and tall shadows
She never lifted a finger to build
as for the sun well she can't seem to handle
that it brings to light to all she's killed

Kelly, don't look that way
it's time to come out and play
I know a safe sun to play in
Kelly, you look so frail
Like you've been in a jail
Pretty soon you will strengthen

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