You're an uptown
Falling down
West end girl
Trying to see yourself
Running in a
Number one
Shoot em up
Race to edge of the world
To the edge of the world
Knocking down
Waking up
You're a breaking girl
Hearts stop and seize
Making love in the weather
Making moves together
Staying close forever
Riding in our cars
From the moon to mars
Every day every night
Becomes a thousand hours
Come and follow you
Follow down to excess
Return to righteousness
Dancing late at night
Hunting high and low
With your pretty pink bow
Weather girl where did you go?

I really need you
Don't go
I really miss you
Don't go

Never making hesitation
Making everyone hold their breath
Criss-cross over miles of eyes
Ending looks shooting over
The heads are turning
Your shadow of death...
You're ready for this.

Weather girl where's your forecast?
Set the signal
Raining fire from the angels
Through the eye of a needle
Making moves making stars
Falling faster than the start
Of the end of the world
You're the breaking girl
Channel X channel 7
Super static television
We're waiting for
The first broadcast from you
You'll never go too far
There's no stopping the show
With your pretty pink bow
Where did you go?

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