I Wan'na Be Like You

Nikki Webster

Can you hear it? Yeah-man

One of the king of the swingers
Oh, the jungle VIP
I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what botherin' me
I wanna be a girl, mancub
And stroll right into town
And be just like the other girls
I'm tired of monkeyin' around

Oh, oobee doo
I wanna be like you
I wanna walk like you
Talk like you, too
You'll see it's true
An ape like me
Can learn to be human too

Step-step-step aside
Step-step-step aside
I know shorty can real with cutty do

Now don't try to Kid me mancub
I made a deal with you
What I desire is a girl's red fire
To make my dreams come true
Now give me that secret manclub
Come on tell me what to do
Give me the power of man's red flower
So I can be like you


Let's go!
Step it to the left
Step it to the right
Give me the power of man's red flower
Hit it!


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