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*The song title is simply "Fat" *

Your butt is wide,
Well mine is too.
Just watch your mouth,
or I'll sit on you.
the word is out,
better treat me right.
Cause I'm the king,
if cellulite.
Ham on, Ham on, Ham on whole wheat, alright
My zipper's bust,
My buckles break.
I'm too much man,
For you to take.
The pavement cracks,
When I fall down,
I've got more chins,
Than Chinatown.
Well I never use the phone booth,
and I never see my toes, when I'm going to the movies,

I'm fat, I'm fat shumon! (really really fat)
I'm fat, I'm fat you know it! (really really fat)
I'm fat, I'm fat c'mon, y'know (really really fat)

Don't you call me pudgy, portley or stout, just tell me onceagain
Who's fat?

When I walk out, to get my mail
It measures on the Richter Scale.
down at the beach, I'm a lucky man,
I'm the only one who can get a tan.
If I have one more pie, a la mode
I'm going to need my own zip code.
When you're only having seconds, I'm having 23rds
When I go to get my shoes shined, I've got to take their wordbecause


If a shadow weighs 42 pounds, let me tell you once again,
Who's fat?

If you see me coming your way,
Better give me plenty space.
If I tell you that I'm hungry, then won't you feed my facebecause'


WOO WOO WOO WOO!! (when I sit around the house, I really sitaround the house)

Chorus x3

And the whole world knows I'm fat and proud of it Lemme tell youonce again,

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