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visualizaciones de letras 19

Who the hell are you and why are you talking to me
I'm not worth your time
Who the hell are you and don't bother talking to me
You're not worth mine
How stupid was I
How foolish was I
How stupid was I to fall in love with you
You're not worth my time

I used to watch you as you walked by
I lusted after you and the wonderful image you displayed
You were a golden fairy-tale prince
Far too good to be true
When finally you noticed my pathetic attempts to capture yourtime
You made me feel wanted, special because you deemed me worthy ofyou

Your eyes wandering over my body made me smile
I didn't notice that you never looked at my eyes
You'd hold me as if to comfort me and your hands quickly turnedharsh
Hard and demanding on my body
Burning and breaking my soul
Your lips were never gentle
Your kisses never kind
You always demanded so much more from me

I was always the kind to dream of what perfection would be
What you gave me was dirt and filth when I'd expected light andbeauty
I stood before you, showing you everything I had
You uttered not a word
Only reached for me
You never said I was beautiful
You never said anything
And still I, such a fool, I still trusted you

I trusted you to make it beautiful
Make it right
I gave you everything I had
And you tossed it aside
Like it didn't matter, like you didn't care

I laid under you panting, searching for something I knew youcould give me
Damn you, I know I'm pleasing you
At least try to please me
When finally you were done
You simply rolled off of me
Sloppily kissed my lips
Stirring nothing inside me

Oh babe, that was great, wonderful you say
I'm damn well pleased that it was good for you
A voice screams inside my head
My body rebels against his clumsy touch
I hear my voice gently say how tired I am
He turns away and leaves me alone and cold
But glad, so glad that he's not touching me

I try to sleep, but slowly something damns on me
You are nothing compared to me
You'll never be as strong as I am
You are worth nothing to me
I'm so much more than you will ever be
Tonight I'm leaving and you'll never hear from me again
Because you're simply not worth my time

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