You hold the dice and I wait for your roll
It's not the first time that I'm losing control
With reddened eyes I blink out the days
I wait for your reply, am I still worth a save?

Where's your message for me Jo?
Time's not with me, don't you know
I need answers for a friend
Write me back and break a trend
Where's your message for me, Jo?
Sent my flare up hours ago
Call me back and pick me up
Take the pain and break it off

It takes a lot to unload to the void
Always digging out of our pain in the noise
It takes a nerve to leave me in the ditch
Coiled about myself as I reach for the itch

Storm clouds in the morning, voices raised tonight
Everything's a warning, everything's a fight
I wrote you all the details, wrote you all the truth
A stranger in my own bed, staying up for you

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