vistas 41


White Wizzard

Oh baby lookin' mighty fine
What I gotta do to make you mine?
I gotta tell ya somethin' on my mind

I just can't stop feelin' wrong
But we've been friends for much too long
Let's get this friendship movin' on

I want more than just a friend
I love you more than that
I wanna be your man someday
I wanna make you mine
Just lay it on the line
But don't waste my time

Won't you please stop tellin' lies
You're like the devil in disguise
Why must you treat me so unkind

Let me have it
I won't get mad
You're still my best friend
That I ever had
Don't let this one chance
Pass you by

I can't take this no more
I gave you all my love
You threw it all away

Just tell me that it's true
Say you love me to
Oh, what can I do

I'm callin' out your name
Stop playin' foolish games
Why don't you feel the same?

Just turn around and leave me
If you're never gonna please me
I'd rather say goodbye