In Scarlet Town where I was born there was a fair maid dwelling
Her beauty shone just like the sun and her name was Barbara Allen

All in the merry month of May when green buds they were swelling
Sweet William on his death bed lay for the love of Barbara Allen

He simply servant unto her to the pawn where she was dwelling
Come to my Master quickly please if your name'd be Barbara Allen

Then slowly slowly she got up and slowly she went to him
And all she said when she got there young man I think you're dying

He reached to kiss her pretty face as death was growing nigh him
And with his eye no breath he said I love you Barbara Allen

As she was walking back to town she heard the death bell feeling
And every stroke did seem to say hard hearted Barbara Allen

When he was dead and laid to rest her heart was struck with sorrow
Oh mother mother make my bed for I shall die tomorrow

They buried him in the old churchyard they buried her beside him

And on his grave there grew a red rose on Barbara's grew a briar

They grew to the top of the old church tower and they couldn't grow any higher

And there they tied in a true love's knot the red rose around the briar

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