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David Wilcox

Winter was gray in my small town sky
When Sarah came back with a smile
Something's just brought here around this whole world
Back to our hometown, main street mile

She's come from the land of the desert sun
To warm up this small town street
A shinning medallion on sun-tanned skin
The silver still holds the heat.


Its closer to home than my own home town
Never so far away
So come with me, she said to me
I'm going to Santa Fe

She's got that golden light in her hair
>From shining into the sun
She smiled so kind with her ocean eyes
And told me I'm not her only one

But she said I know that look in your eyes my friend
You need some highway behind you
So follow me down and I'll lead you astray
Maybe you just might find you're


Well this town just grew up around me
I never meant to stay
I tried to make my break before
But I never got away

When I'm walking with Sarah
I feel I'm set free
Like she could walk past all the guards and say
This man's with me

Out past the street lights, into the darkness
After the last stop gas
Now all of those things that kept me here
Sarah can take me past


Closer to home that my own home town
never so far away
Just holding out a highway sign
that just says Santa Fe
I'm finally on my way.

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