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Fearless Love

David Wilcox

Fearless love, fearless love
Fearless love makes you cross the border

At your church they asked for volunteers
To make a presence in the park
That's where the wicked planned to demonstrate
And carry signs to set a spark
Someone behind you heaved a stone
That struck the thin man behind his ear
So now there's blood upon his sign
Which read "There's nothing here to fear"
"The wrath of god," somebody yelled
"Will punish all of those like him"
But if you travel back 2000 years
I swear you'd hear this all again

Back then they'd say
"These soldiers walk on sacred ground
This land's our history and our home
They have no right to be around
They are the evil force of Rome
So just how strong this change of heart must be
That one that Jesus once described
Kindness to your enemy
Carry his pack an extra mile

When fearless love, fearless love
Fearless love makes you cross the border

Your mind snaps back to where you stand
Your church is here to fight a cause
And at your feet a fallen man
Whose head is cradled in his arms
Though his blood contains his death
And though the lines are drawn in hate
You drop your sign of Bible verse
And help the wounded stand up straight

Chorus Oh yes the high religious still will scorn
Just like that did all that time back
They'll say you helped the other side
They saw you haul that soldier's pack
But now how could you carry that man's sign
In your heart the choice was clear
You didn't join the other side
The battle lines just disappeared

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