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visualizaciones de letras 18

I grow older.
Getting wiser, everyday.
'Cause when I fall down now
I don't jump back up.
I let 'em count to eight.

Getting slower.
I have lost a step or two.
It's time to face the facts.
Buy a pair of plaid slacks
'n sit around like old guys do.

'Cause when I go out late at night
To have a beer
I sit and wonder why my friends aren't here.

Is this a joke on me?
They're all home playing with their families.
I am the oldest person in this bar
And I am drinking with children on a field trip to observe mein
my habitat.

It's so quiet
In my house
when I get home
I got three mean fish,
And a yellow dog.
I do not live alone.

When I close my eyes at night
I feel so small
Like I never really loved at all.
'Cause if I did I'd have some proof.
Another life or two beneath my roof.

It's just a bad recurring dream I have
When I suspect I have misspent my youth.
Could have fooled me too.

It's so childish
To resist the dying light.
But I'm still the same.
Some things never change.
I wanna stay up all night.

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