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Come As You Are

Wild Orchid

(verse 1)
Shelter my feelings, stand by my side
You need no alibi
Show your emotions, give me a sign
Let me know that you're mine

Be my lover, be, my best friend
Oh baby, save me when I fade
And I will always love you
I promise I'll be true....if you....

Come as you are
don't change a thing
here is my heart
just walk right in
come as you are
don't tell me lies
and i'll be yours
'till do us part

(verse 2)
Now there is a heaven, it's in your eyes
where I have no disguise
please please don't mislead me
rescue my pride
show me you're really mine
I want you for me, no questions asked
don't need to know, 'bout your past
'cause I will always love you
I promise i'll be true....if you....

(chorus till fade)

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