Universal Creation Array


Befallen through the will of my savior's grace
My undying hope through life's progression
The one to show me a way in this forsaken place
To cleanse the madness of my transgression

I welcome you to my fantasy land
Step into this place that I have created
Experience the inner sanctum
Of my psyche's half-life

I look down but there's nothing new to see
All there was and ever will be
In endless circles and vain desecration
Of this so-called wonderful creation

Why aren't we ever given the chance
To stand alone without your twine cord
The acclaim we've hosted to your satisfaction
Is vast as oceans, yet shallow

Just this once I'd like to have a say
The calling of many overbears one voice
More than might be if desired hold true
I won't be silent to your dismay

The line is crossed, once begotten
There's truth in lies but twice not forgotten
Play your mind-tricks of leading me astray
I see through your universal creation array

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