When The Dream Of Paradise Died


The dawn of a new day is rising
A new tomorrow where hope lies
Promise lands with beautiful landscapes
Where light is white and hope never dies

A new day with new beginnings
No more walks down trampled paths
Looking around to see what's there
Finding only shadows of deserted pasts

Walking the borders of heaven and hell
On a journey bound for the end of the earth
Where only the most lost souls reside
To another ending and a new birth

Long forgotten memories recalled
By rumbling stirs in the deep above
Of the way things were in a different time
When love was hate and hate was love

Trapped in the confines of limitless worlds
Finding a way to eternal infinity
A new way through the valley of life
Trying to escape inherent divinity

The light of a new day was rising
A new tomorrow where hope lied
But a whisper in the wind gave it all away
And with it the dream of paradise died

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