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Black Leather Metal Damnation


Crash of war from the grave by the harlots in leather of hell.
Before the dawn of Armageddon, blasting metal screaming out.
Apocalyptic amps to kill'em all. Séance of witches to Christian's ban.
Thrashing madness you feel around injecting the poison of sorceress will.

Black - Leather - Metal - Damnation (x4)

Power of thunder, power of storm.
Metal and blood come together as one through the heart.
Metal invaders and Satan's warriors will attack this night.
With fury they'll crush the ground.
Satan rides the hell stallion's back, like the lightning flies in the skies.
Metal vengeance. Kill the posers. Vendetta like a dog you will die.
Thrasher fight till death, delivering forces and demons attack.
Churches of metal rise from hell, churches of heaven fall down by the spell of

(Pre-chorus + Chorus)