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Formidable Cool

Wolf Alice

He's got you on your knees
With that formidable cool
Infected you like a disease
With that formidable cool

I know it's all an act
I can practically hear the pen planning

The moment that you meet him
Your name shoots up up on the list of the deathpool
You’ll find him in his seedy setup
At the community dance hall
Pink lights flicker
His hand in somebody's knickers
He only has to look at you twice
To claim you his love fool

And I knew it was all an act
I could practically hear the pen planning
Yeah, I knew it was all an act
God never needed another stand in

Believe in the chorus
Believe in love
Believe in the chorus
Believe in love

Believe in the chorus
Relieve in my touch
I believe in the chorus
I believe in love

You listen to his lectures on life
Without one of your own
When he tells you death is pure
It reverberates right into your bones
So you ask him for information
On why you once wanted to die
And he gives you satisfaction
In whatever form he likes
To heal the wounds you have
And not to open any more
But that’s all he fucking did
When he fucked you on the floor

And if you knew it was all an act
Then what are you crying for?
Yeah if you knew it was all an act
Then why are you crying?

What did you think when you saw us?
I thought it'd be fun
I believed what he taught us
I believed in love

Believed in the chorus
Relieved in his touch
I lived by the chorus
Believed in love

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Compuesta por: Ellie Rowsell / Joel Amey / Joff Oddie / Theo Ellis. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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