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A Soldiers Return

The Wolfe Tones

I went away to fight a war that small nations might be free
Got a soldiers guns and uniform to fight the enemy
I was trained to shoot my fellow before he got to me
And I danced with death in the mud and wept
And prayed my home to see.
So come over to me darling girl come here me Molly dear.
You are as welcome as the flowers in may you're welcome here tome.
No more I'll fire the musket shot or hear the cannon roar
I've done my time, now you'll be mine
I'm yours for ever more.
While in the trenches there I thought who starts these bloody-wars
And thought of these great Irishmen who died on these strangeshores
Then a bomb did burst to the air it trust some shrapnel fire andblood
I escaped it then shot back at them and lay back in the mud.
While I was off in foreign lands, fighting other peoples' wars
Some gallant men were fighting here to free their native shore
You shot our leaders of 16 saw our city sacked and burned
Then you sent us in the Black and Tans to greet our homereturn.
I don't need your heroes welcome
I don't want your bugle call
No brass band no pipes and drums, no medal badge or star
But give me what you promised me when first I went to war
That's freedom for old Ireland and I'll go to fight no more.

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