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Stronger Than I Am

Lee Ann Womack

Things around here haven't changed much
Its all pretty much the same stuff day after day
The only thing that keeps me goin'
Seems to be our baby girl I'm trying to raise
Shes my life my morning angel
Always seems to find the rainbow after the rain
Lately she's so busy growin'
I don't even think she knows you've gone away

She finally learned to say goodbye
She's sleepin' through the night
She don't wake up cryin'
And she's walking on her own
She don't need no one holdin' to her hand
And I hate to admit she's stronger than I am

She ain't crackin' under pressure
First one step and then another she goes along
If she falls and skins her knee
She cries awhile and smiles at me and just goes on
So many things she can teach me
Full of life and so completely innocent
She still says she loves her daddy
Goes on just like nothin' happened
Forgives and forgets

Repeat Chorus

She's just like her old man
Stronger than I am

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