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Devil Is Bad


She was walking in the garden one day, when a snake slitheredround her feet.
Follow me right over to this tree and I'll give you somethinggood to eat.
I don't know are you sure, I don't think it is right.
It doesn't matter just open your mouth and take a tasty bite.
She said to him I think it's a sin but boy does it look ripe.
He said to her just take my word and I promise that you'll seethe light.

Why don't you skidilly-doo,
cause I don't wanna see your face round here no more.
Why don't you skidilly-doo
'cause this is now and that was before
. Cause you are the devil and the devil is bad (hey!),
you are the devil and the devil is bad (hey!),
you are the devil and the devil is bad (hey!),
you are the devil and you are bad.

The tempter met him in the desert one day are You the son ofGod,
turn these stones into wholesome bread and make your hungerstop.
Even though his hunger had grown real strong, he turned andsimply replied
man does not live on bread alone but on the word of God.
Turn from him and worship me and the kingdoms of the world areyours.
Away from me with your evil ways cause I worship and I serveonly God

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