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Blessed art thou, o Lord our God, King of the universe, you give us life, health and [?]

I don't know how to pray
But here I am in this bathroom, hopin' you'll come back soon
Knees on the floor, prayin' to a Lord I don't know
I don't know how to pray
'Cause if I did, I'd be worthless, all I know is curses
You let me down, still, I'm feelin' guilty somehow
So here I go: Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God, what do I do?
I've got, I've gotta ask a favor from you
And I know, I know we've never spoken before
But I hope you hear me, oh, Lord
Please let my brother live
And let me learn to forgive
And why do bad things happen to good people?
That's all, I guess, amen

And God said

Where you're definitely not the same person you were as a kid
But then you sort of come back full circle when you sort of
Start to become comfortable with who you are (right)
And less trying to be something or someone

Yeah, do you guess that was kinda your
At the basis of, like, a part of your struggle as a kid
Like trying, feeling like you don't know yourself?

I feel like that was something for everyone (right) and everything
I feel like during my twenties
One of the biggest struggles for me was, you know, finding love

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