Yours For Life

X- Press 2

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In This Day and Age Where Changes Happen Twice As Fast
Sometimes I Get Wonderin' If Anything Will Last
People Changin' Partners Like They Change Their Underwear
Maybe I'm Old-fashioned But Darlin' I Still Care.

And I'm Yours For Life
Come and Be My Lifetime
Come and Take the Love I Have For Only One
Yes I'm Yours For Life
Come and Share My Lifetime
Share the World Until Our Day Is Done.

Time That I First Saw Your Face I Loved You Where You Stood
In Your Eyes a Kindness - Told Me You Were Good
And If the World Could Share Your Heart There'd Never Be a War
And Darlin' If I Tried and Tried I Could Not Love You More


Sometime I Pray That You Will Always Be the Way You Always
Are to Me
'cause If I Lost You to the Winds of Change Then I Would Cease to Be.