The Prince, The Frog, And The Witch In Disguise


All the fairies you see,
All the princes that be
a frog in disquise,
a dream with shut eyes.
Hopeless is she,
without dreams she be,
they've all left her homeless,
they've all let her cry her eyes out,
her eyes out, her eyes...

So won't you--
please show some compassion,
to those lost who've lost their way home...
to those lost in the dark.

Holes in the road,
forks in the path,
whatever the cause,
please don't turn your back.
All the people that are lost
belong somewhere,
in someone's arms, in someone's care.

So don't turn a cold shoulder,
don't turn your eyes away,
you are forever closer,
than you wish you could remain.

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